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Summer + Family = Love

As many of you know earlier this year we added a new addition to our family. She has truly been a blessing to us and I’m enjoying every single minute I have with her. I’m not sure how closely my page or blog is followed but I’m sure you’ve noticed that I’ve scaled back considerably on my shooting and I’m not shooting nearly as many sessions as I normally would be. I quickly decided once I returned from my maternity leave that I wanted to be able to spend as much time as possible with my family and friends but still shoot enough to fill the craving that I get for photography.

I vowed that this summer would be all about spending time together and making memories to last a lifetime with our children. We’ve done a couple day trips, have more planned as well as a long weekend away and then our big trip to Jamaica for my Brother In Law’s wedding.

The summer is quickly passing, much faster than I had hoped it would. My daughter is growing and changing SO quickly and my son is getting ready to enter 6th Grade in the fall. I am so completely content and happy with my decision to shoot on a limited basis and open up my schedule for more family oriented activities. I love watching my children grown, learn, play and just be happy!!

I hope everyone is enjoying their summer, and families, just as much as I am!



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