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Smash Cake


Cake Cake Cake!

Session Fee: $250.00 (Effective July 15, 2015)

Session Fee includes:

  • Photographers time and talent
  • Cake
  • Set design
  • 20 digital images in a private, password protected gallery which you’ll be able to download and keep. Print release included.

Smash cake sessions are a very popular way to help celebrate a child’s first birthday. Not only are they entertaining to look at in print, they are also a lot of fun to watch and photograph! There is a lot involved in a Smash Cake session and a lot of images are shot; In order to hold the attention of the child and get the shots that are needed a Smash Cake session cannot be combined with any other type of session or holiday.   The session will revolve around the birthday child ONLY, no family or sibling poses can or will be included.

How a Smash Cake Session works:

2 outfits are HIGHLY recommended for any given Smash Cake Session.

We will start with portraits of the Birthday Child in the first outfit – usually with our oversized #1–and will also include head shots and another pose either in a chair or, with no props at all.  This portion of the session moves quickly in order to keep the child happy and entertained going into the cake portion.

After the portraits are shot, we’ll have you change your child into his or her 2nd outfit  while we set up for the cake portion. We ask that you please hold onto your child until everything is in place and ready and we explain the next steps.  We want to be sure to capture the most important first reaction and with your cooperation this will guarantee that the moment is captured!

Once the child crawls or walks away from the cake for the 2nd time, the child is usually more than done at that point, and the session will come to an end.  We don’t want to force the pictures if it’s not necessary.

Tips and More:

  • Outfit for the cake portion should be something simple, and that you won’t mind getting a little messy. A bag for the dirty clothing will be provided so you don’t soil the rest of your diaper bag. Most popular options are just a onesie or diaper cover with nothing else. Of course, this is entirely up to you.  We also advise that YOU will get messy as well, so please wear something that you won’t mind getting dirty.
  • Most parents come expecting their child to dig right in, play, and get messy – this is not always the case! Not all children will play in the cake, some children will actually spend more time eating the cake. This is perfectly OKAY and still makes for cute pictures! There is also the possibility that your child will want very little or nothing to do with the cake, that too is perfectly okay!  Each and every smash cake session is entirely unique!
  • A cake will be provided and included in the session and session fee unless otherwise arranged. A $15.00 credit will be provide on the back end of the session fee if you bring your own. (MUST be noted at the time of booking) If your child has any nutritional restrictions due to allergy or intolerance please let us know in advance and we will be happy to make the proper arrangements.
  • During the cake portion of the session I ask that you stand behind me very quietly and let me command the attention of the child, if possible. The goal is to get as many shots as possible of the child looking AT the camera, rather than at you.
  • We understand that a lot of family members may want to come watch but we ask that for this type of session that ONLY Mom & Dad attend. The more people that are in the room, the more distracted the child will become and the less likely they are going to be into the cake at all. We thank you in advance for your understanding.
  • We are very excited to announce that we now have a basin sink so you can scrub your little one clean after the session!  We will provide facecloths as well as Johnson & Johnson soap.  We do ask that if your child has any sensitivities to please provide your own soap.

We LOVE setting up themed birthday sessions! We will need all the information for the theme approximately 2-3 weeks prior to the session date to accommodate any special requests and to get information to our baker for the cake!

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