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Oh the baby bump….

Your pregnancy is a very special time in both you and your partner’s life. A new baby is a huge, life altering event and you’ll cherish every special moment throughout the 40 week journey.
There are several different options when considering Maternity Portraits, please take a moment to read over all the information and choose the option that best suits you and your partner!

~Watch Me Grow: $75.00 Session Fee per session – Minimum of 4 Sessions

*Commitment Contract required

From the moment you get that positive test result you’ll start watching your stomach and looking for that little bump to start forming!
The Watch Me Grow Series will help you do JUST that! We’ll start shortly after you find out you are pregnant, usually around week 8-10 and then we will schedule a session every 6-8 weeks after that depending on the amount of sessions you’d like to include in your package.
The sessions will be very brief, usually lasting only 15 minutes at the most. Only a few shots will be taken per session.

Details and Requirements:

  • Each session will be shot in the same manner as the one before to ensure consistency and accuracy in the documenting of the growth.
  • You’ll be placed in the same poses and positions at each session and at the end of the project, we’ll pick which pose works best for the final product.
  • The same outfit is required for the entire series – Yoga pants and a sports bra usually works best as you can ‘grow’ with those without them becoming ill fitting towards the end of the pregnancy.
This session includes a 10×20 print at the end of the project that will show the progress of growth from the first session through the end of the pregnancy. A minimum of 4 session, but up to 6, are best to show the progression.

~Full Maternity Session: $150.00 Session Fee

A full maternity session is usually shot between weeks 32 and 36 (Weeks 28 and 32 for multiples) At this point most mommies have “popped” and are still at the point where they are comfortable enough to pose.
The session will revolve mostly around Mom and her bump, however, Dad and a siblings are more than welcome to be included in part of the session as well.
This session will last for up to one hour and include a variety of poses and positions. Several outfit changes are highly recommended and strongly encouraged!  Session fee includes a downloadable digital gallery of 20-25 images along with a print release form.

Session Details and Tips:

  • What to wear: Don’t wear black! Black can be a very slimming color and the point of this session is to rock that bump! Wear light, bright colors and form fitting shirts. Yoga pants, or maternity jeans that button under your bump are best.
  • Bare Belly shots are encouraged but of course, optional! A men’s dress shirt unbuttoned from the belly down is a popular option. A sports bra or tube top also work very well for this type of shot. Shirts that tie or button at the breast bone and “V” down your stomach are strongly recommended.
  • We do have a few maternity style gowns here at the studio that are available for use as well!
  • You will be put on the floor for a couple of poses, please let me know at the start of the session if you aren’t comfortable with getting up and down, other accommodations will be made.



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