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A day in the life of….

Wow. It’s been A LONG time since I’ve written or posted a blog. I have a lot to say this evening though and figured, instead of a super long status on the fan page, I’d blog. Plus that way I don’t have to worry about abbreviating what I want to say and trying to keep it under the character limit.

I know there are a lot of those Memes and E-cards floating around about photographers and what they do all day. I see them all the time on Pinterest or other photographers and vendors pages, I’m sure you’ve come across one or two as well.

So tonight, as I was driving around running errands. I was thinking about my day and everything I’ve done. I want to share my day with you. I think it’s important for people to understand that, really, photographers do SO much more than just take pictures. Running a photography studio is A LOT of work and there are SO many things that need to be done, besides clicking the shutter….so…here’s today…

Wake up, get dressed, do hair and makeup.
Kid 1 gets up, get her dressed, backpack packed for school.
Kid 2 gets up, get him dressed, backpack packed for school.
Feed both kids.
Head out load them and backpacks into Jeep, drive them to school, drop them off.

Stop by studio and drop off a load of stuff, check temp, turn on AC.
Go from studio in Webster to Putnam CT to get a cake for smash cake session.
Head from Putnam CT back to Webster to go to the bank.
Get to the studio and power up computers, turn AC off because it’s now FREEZING in the studio.
Set up for Smash Cake Session.
Check email.
Client arrives, shoot smash cake session.
Clean up from smash cake. (Okay so my assistant did MOST of this but I had to switch out backdrops haha)
Set up for next session.
Shoot next session.
Clean up from next session.
Go over paperwork and scheduling of next appointment with client.
Load memory card on computer and back it up.
Check order status on items needed for upcoming sessions.
Email vendors with products needed for upcoming sessions.
Check Client print and canvas order status.
Edit 2 sessions.
Power computer down, pack it up, lock up studio, making sure AC, lights and everything else are off.
Head home.
Get home, set computer up, start uploading galleries.
Start working on 3rd session.
Email 6 clients their galleries.

Pick kids up from school, come home, get them settled in with a snack.

Post sneak peeks from sessions shot earlier in the day while kids are snacking.

Play with kids for an hour. Husband walks in the door (with a coffee, because, come on, it’s needed!) I head out the door.

Drive from Dudley to Thompson CT pick up 2 cakes for tomorrows smash cake sessions.
Drive back to studio, put cakes inside, turn AC on, adjust temp so they cakes stay cool, but not cold or hot, overnight.
Grab vendor products that need to be returned.
Lock studio back up.
Drive to Quinebaug CT to meet vendor, chat for a few about upcoming sessions and ideas we both have.
Drive home to Dudley.

Finish 3rd session that was started earlier and set up the gallery.

Have dinner with the family.
Email gallery to client.
Hubby puts kids in tub, I clean up and type up this blog.

PHEW. 12 hours late and my day is done…..well almost…but next time you wonder what exactly you’re getting when you book a professional photographer, think about ALL that is involved…past the click of the shutter!

And now, it’s time to go do the bedtime routine with the kiddos and head to bed myself…another super busy day tomorrow!


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